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Mittwoch, 23. November 2016

Long days of work and not even sure how much money you earn. This was the daily routine for the salal pickers in the wider area of Shelton and Olympia, Washington State, USA.



Due to the lack of information many pickers were not aware of the dangers in the forest. This caused a high risk while working. Various purchasing companies/sheds buy the salal after a day of picking for low prices. In this way, the salal pickers were ‘exploited’.



Mount St. Helens Evergreens Inc. made the difference and changed the system. As you could have read in our previous blog: Salal with FFP label, WBE asked Mount St. Helens Evergreens Inc. in mid-2014 to assist with the production of MPS Socially Qualified/Fair Flowers Fair Plants certified salal.

In addition to the changes for the company it also changed the working situation for the salal pickers; better formalized working conditions, transparent labor conditions, a fixed hourly wage and more social security. In addition the work in the forest is less dangerous as all work is performed under strict MPS SQ requirements.

It is also for other countries very important to produce and work in accordance with MPS SQ/FFP regulations. Stories like these seem far from home, but even in The Netherlands situations occur whereby production is not honest and clean and whereby workers are mistreated and underpaid.



As a consumer you can count on a fair produced product in case it’s labeled with the MPS SQ/FFP label. The certificate guarantees that the producers/growers have their operations in order; they meet high environmental and social requirements, which is checked on regular basis. Together we can safeguard the wellbeing of the workers together with a clean environment.