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Freitag, 9. November 2018

Nica Tropical Fern, S.A is a Nicaraguan company founded in 2016 that produces Leather Leaf Fern. When the NTF Group first bought this farm it needed a lot of work, only the infrastructure in the field was in good condition, remodeling was done in the packing facility, storage rooms and coolers. Regarding the farm the decision was taken to renovate with new seed, new methods and work in a plan that combined with the altitude and excellent climate conditions in the area make a plantation that can give a product with high standards in quality and grading with good percentages of each size of Leather Leaf throughout the year.



NTF differentiate from others growers in different aspects. One being they use manual labor to control many diseases that present nowadays in the Leather Leaf instead of chemicals. The designated personnel’s responsibility is to be in constant supervision looking for any kind of disease, so the maintenance team can preparer a solution and react quickly. Using this as a competitive advantage with more affordable labor and a healthier plantation with less use of products; also reaching out to society by giving employment to more people in the area.



NTF S.A. yearly donates scholarships in private schools to the employee’s children.

They also contribute to Nicafrance Foundation, which is a private charity that provides meals to 4.000 kids every day, and built schools with high standards around the departments of Matagalpa and Jinotega, currently they have built 5 Primary Schools and 3.000 kids are attending.

The WBE-group from The Netherlands financially supports the good work of The NicaFrance Foundation in Nicaragua.