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Sonntag, 4. September 2016



Raymond Eveland is the managing director of Mt. St. Helens Evergreens Inc., based in Shelton, Washington State, USA. For 15 years this family business is serving the local and international market with salal. The company has leases for huge areas of forest. In these forests pickers are manually picking the salal.

Raymond Eveland said the following: “We have been asked by WBE to supply Fair Flowers Fair Plants / Socially Qualified salal in the middle of 2014. This simple question has caused a lot of changes within our company.”

In reality, this means that the company hired 20-25 pickers who now work under better formalized working conditions, with good transparent employment conditions, a fixed hourly wage and social security. Furthermore, Mt. St. Helens Evergreens is now able to rent government land for an extended period of time, because it employs legal pickers.

FFP salal is traceable and available for WBE with 25 stems in a bunch in the recognizable purple box with the FFP label. The great demand for these boxes shows the appreciation for this certified product.

For the florists, who have been working a lot with Fair Flowers Fair Plants, the FFP certification of salal is good news. The popular green leaf is the only decoration green with FFP certificate. This makes it possible to make bouquets consisting of 100% FFP products. That provides a powerful signal to the conscious consumers and businesses.

WBE is proud of these results and is also working closely together with other suppliers. “It gives a lot of energy to work together with our suppliers to have common goals in mind and work hard to achieve these goals.” Says Cees-Jan Roos (WBE). “We have always been involved with companies that are supplying us foliage. Fair Flowers Fair Plants gives us specific goals to which we can work plus a fine, by the market appreciated, label.”

Are you interested in salal and/or in the many other beautiful decoration greens supplied by WBE? Please contact one of our branches located in Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Aalsmeer or Herongen (Germany).