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Sonntag, 27. November 2016

Representatives of the WBE-group travelled to Central America last November to visit their main suppliers of decoration greens in Costa Rica and Guatemala. During this trip we were able to look at the growing and production cycles of the different products at the farms and to maintain the long-term relationships with our suppliers.



One of the farms we visited was Caramba Farms located in Guapiles, Limon, Costa Rica. Caramba Farms is the largest producer and exporter of Phoenix Roebellinii in Costa Rica. Caramba Farms supplies the WBE-Group over 20 years with Phoenix Roebellinii, Cordyline Terminalis and Cyca Revoluta.

Phoenix Roebellinii is a type of palm that grows on the extensive fields in the area around Guapiles, Limon. The form and fastness of these palm-branches makes them very suitable for various bouquet and flower arrangement options.

Also the Cordyline, better known under the names of Green Tie and Black Tie, grows as bush in the same area in the Caribbean basin of Costa Rica; the leaf is very popular with florists and arrangers because of its form and intense colors..

The Cyca Revoluta is slow growing plant producing sharp, bright green leaves.



Caramba Farms, led by owner Manuel Lachner and Production Manager Yasmira Petit, pays a lot of attention to the post-harvest process after picking the various leaves. Different quality checks, continued hydration, grading of the bunches, packing (including VacPac), cooling/storage of the boxes and transportation are very well organized within this company that has been MPS A+ certified for many years. Caramba Farms complies with applicable local and international legislation and contributes as socially responsible company to the community, focusing on the employees and their families in the areas of among others training & education, housing and healthcare.

Caramba Farms – already over 2 decades long a reliable partner of the WBE-group. If you want to learn more about Caramba Farms please visit their website http://www.carambafarms.com. here you can find more product pictures and videos.