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Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

Representatives of the WBE-group travelled to Central America last November to visit their main suppliers of decoration greens in Costa Rica and Guatemala. During this trip we were able to look at the growing and production cycles of the different products at the farms and to maintain the long-term relationships with our suppliers.



Helechos Ticos S.A. is a member of Grupo Rohrmoser. This Group was established in 1984 and is currently active in the areas of agriculture (i.e. vanilla and leatherleaf) and livestock.

From the beginning on the WBE-Group is a loyal customer of the well-known “Helechos Ticos” leatherleaf brand.

The leatherleaf or fern grows at farms located in the area of Dulce Nombre de San Isidro de Alajuela, Costa Rica. This farm location in high valley between the Pas and Barva volcanoes with an average altitude of 1,500 meters. This altitude together with the volcanic soil form the basis for a top quality leatherleaf. This leatherleaf is a classic in the decoration greens and still very popular with international florists and arrangers.



Helechos Ticos S.A., led by Manfred Rohrmoser, produces a fine quality of fern in the sizes junior, medium and large. Various quality controls take place after picking the leaves; only the best stems are used for the well-graded bunches that end up sleeved or vacuum packed in the export boxes for WBE.

At Helechos Ticos S.A. quality comes first; according to Manfred Rohrmoser this is caused by a healthy working environment and a clean environment. The company invests it its employees by providing continued training and educational opportunities. Helechos Ticos S.A. is a socially responsible company contributing in the broadest sense to the society and communities in Costa Rica.

Helechos Ticos S.A. – over 30 years a strong, stable and reliable partner of the WBE-Group.