Products from all over the world

WBE imports products from all over the world. Every week products are loaded on ships, planes and trucks ready to come to us.

This also applies to a large number from Central America. Different products are growing, both wild and cultivated in countries such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. Throughout March we want to tell you more about the different brands, products and suppliers from Central America. Curious? Then read on.

Visiting Central America

WBE considers the relationships with suppliers and growers of our products important. That is why we regularly visit them. This is also the case in Central America.

For example, a colleague recently visited suppliers at Central America, such as Plantex, Doble D, Caramba and Anturios. All of them beautiful brands with their own products.

Not only do we tell about the suppliers in this blog, you can also find a lot of information on our website.



A well-known product from Central America is Aralia. Our Aralia comes from Costa Rica and Guatemala. Here the green leaf grows under black nets. You will see these nets more often in Central America. The nets protect the products against the bright sun.

When the leaf is large enough, it is picked by hand. After picking, the leaf is cleaned and sorted by length. This ensures that we can offer different sizes of Aralia.

Well-known brands Aralia are: Plantex, Telon and Ornamentales La Loma.


Green Tie & Black Tie

The popular Green Tie and Black Tie also come from Central America. Like the aforementioned Aralia, Green and Black Tie are growing in Costa Rica. The leaf grows on a sturdy stem that grows up. The leaf grows at the top of the trunk.

Green Tie and Black Tie grow cultivated. This means that the plants do not grow in the wild, but on plantations.

The name of the product refers to the shape of the leaf. This looks a bit like a tie. The difference between both leaf types? The color of course. The Black Tie provides a beautiful contrast with other colors!

Green Tie and Black Tie are available year-round. Both products are also available Vacuum-packed.

Well-known brands Green & Black Tie are: Carambola, Doble D and Anturios.

Black Tie


Phoenix is ​​also a popular leaf from Central America.

Phoenix Roebelenii can be recognized by the shiny leaf that ends in a point. Phoenix is ​​a sturdy palm, but flexible. This makes it a popular product.

other products

And there are many more products that we import from Central America every week.

Good examples of this are Leather leaf fern, Chico, Teepee, Cocos, Catpalm and Cycas.

Are you curious about these products? Then take a look at our webshop. Here you can view the different brands and variants.

Centraal Amerika


Gepubliceerd op: 28 February 2020